Smile For Good

Smile For Good

Our Global Volunteer Day(GVD) is rebranded to Smile For Good from 2019 onwards, to convey the message of doing good to cheer up yourself and others.

Smile For Good would embrace ProjectLOL as theme, sharing Lots of LOVE and Lots of LAUGH with the people in the community.

The materials of Smile For Good can be downloaded here:

  • Global Execution Plan(download) – theme, key messages, things to do, timeline, submission guidelines, etc
  • Visual Identity Manual and Toolkit(download) – visual guidelines and artworks
  • NEW – Teaser Videos(download)
  • NEW – GIF stickers for Instagram Story(download). The GIF stickers are available on GIPHY (please search “smileforgood”) (link)

Important Dates:

16 August 2019

1-31 October 2019

Maximum 4 days after event

Maximum 7 days after event


If you have any questionsplease contact Group CSR Zoe Cheong / Group PR Zoe Yeung

Let’s join our hands to bring Lots of LOVE and Lots of LAUGH to everyone we touch!