Global Volunteer Day 2017

Global Volunteer Day 2017

A.S. Watson Global Volunteer Day 2017 is coming!

This year, GVD would also embrace Project LOL as theme, sharing Lots of Love and Lots of Laughs with the people in the community.

GVD 2017 materials are now available and can be downloaded here:

Important Dates:

25 August 2017

  • Submission of Participation Form and Logo of Service Partner (please follow the instruction on page 5 of Global Execution Plan)

1-31 October 2017

  • GVD Execution Month
  • The Biggest Smile Competition

Maximum 4 days after GVD event

  • Submission of
    1. Online Summary Form, Event Photos and a Video (please follow the instruction on page 5 of Global Execution Plan)
    2. The Biggest Smile Photo
    3. Star Volunteer Nomination Form and Photo of Star Volunteer


If you have any questionsplease contact Group PR Zoe Yeung / Group CSR Zoe Cheong


Let’s join our hands to bring Lots of Love and Lots of Laughs to everyone we touch!