Give a Smile - Global Signature CSR Campaign

Give a Smile – Global Signature CSR Campaign

We are proud to announce the first group-wide charity partnership with Operation Smile.

Operation Smile is an international medical charity which provides free surgeries for children with cleft conditions to make smile possible again. With our purpose to put a smile on our customers’ faces, Operation Smile and ASW share the same value.

We would like to create a global drive in as many of our BUs as possible to raise funds, educate customers about cleft conditions, and how they can help.

Please support the “Give a Smile” campaign and share your plan with Group PR.


“Give a Smile” campaign materials are now available and can be downloaded as below:

  1. Campaign Introduction (download)
  2. Toolkit and Guideline (download)
  3. Visual Assets – artwork files (download)
  4. Children Images (Ngan, ClementAlexandri, Zhao, YangChina MissionYing ) *Please contact Zoe Yeung for image copyright
  5. NEW – Videos (Tiger AnimationOperation Smile, Wenshan China MissionThailand Mission)
  6. Donation Form (download)
  7. Post-Mission CRM communications (download)
  8. Quarterly Report Template (download)
  9. NEW – 2019 Christmas Social Post artwork (download)
  10. NEW – 2019 Christmas CRM communications (download)